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Saturday, November 3, 2018

SM-S727VL Unlck Solution Free

SM-S727VL Unlck Solution Free

Only For Samsung Devices:


Unlock SM-S727VL Tracfone + Unlock SM-S327VL Tracfone,

Activate the DIAG port,
*#0808# and select the last option "DM + MODEM + ADB,

2. Once active MSL.bat run the file you downloaded previously, this is what will do is reset the SPC,

3. Now once completed Step 2
They proceed to open the nv-items reader writer and select the COM port where the computer is this will verify the adminisitrador device
once you have given him connect and then write and select the text file j727p nv and automatically start writing, 
the program will give you 2 access denied errors but no biggie, just make the process.

4. Then close the program and asked to restart the device It is DOONE

Only compatible with CDMA / LTE.

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